Autumn is here, the crops are ready, and you are an unexpected visitor at the McLaughlin Farm. A tiny game harvested from an appreciation of nature, and in anticipation of the coming season. 

This is my first Bitsy game and my first completed personal game, made for the Harvest Bitsy Jam. I'm about to start my final undergraduate year of games design, so I made a small game to help me get back into the swing of game development.

I hope you'll enjoy this little project, feedback and ratings here are absolutely welcome! Or you can find me on Twitter @chickenrice_tm :)


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I loved this! I want to see a little kohlrabi fairy soon; the vegetable is one of my new-found favorite foods!

Aww thanks! I've never tried kohlrabi before, what would a kohlrabi fairy look like to you?

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I think they would look like the main character in this game, sort of like the Pokemon, Hoppip.


this is so cute!!!! i loved all the little "facts" and the bork bork xD this was just so adorable :3


Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it ^__^


Disappointed that isn't a real thing.

Big same, buddy


Awww this was cute and super neat! Makes me want to be visited by a harvest spirit every year~ Guess I need to build a farm first <3

Thanks very much! I noticed you made a game for the jam too, i'd like to check it out when i have some time this week ^__^


Is very cute, appreciated the bork bork


Thank you, bork bork!

Ahhhh this is adorable!

Also shoutout to ultimateknucklesfan, he knows what's what

Thank you! And indeedeth, he does B)